Quote1Ah, another day in the majesty. The world is mine.Quote2

Alfredo to himself, waking up.

Alfredo is a main character in the Alternative Lifestyle series of videos. He is a freelancer to which Steven describes as, "a freelancer who can be both a cinematographer, a production assistant, and an amazing coordinator."


Not much is known about Alfredo, except that he was brought on as a freelance cameraman to film James and Cib as they shot guns. He has said that his native language is "Scolvian". Alfredo films much of the major commentary of the group, often found silent behind the lens, but also providing his own commentary from time to time.

A day in the life

In the video, "A day in the life of Alfredo." we get more of a rundown on the day-to-day life of this mystery. He seemingly has a relationship with famed YouTuber, and friend of Steven, Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez).

There is also a point where a confrontation starts between James, Cib and Alfredo, after Alfredo insults Autumn's editing. James uses his water warrior tactics to try to calm down Alfredo by pointing a gun at him. We see Alfredo grow in power to easily disarm him, then he grows in size, changing shape to about the height of Steven with his arms raised (coincidentally). Cib and James run away, and Alfredo exits the room. While searching for Cib and James, Alfredo bumps into Steven. He starts vigorously shaking with rage, and says there is a dog inside of him. Steven then calms Alfredo down by wrinkling his Ben Sherman shirt. He then chases and tickles Alfredo, describing him as his "little boy". Alfredo then bumps into a "black man" which prompts Steven to laugh.


Quote1Crazy train, that' it goes. We are millions of people... And the Crows come... The baaaaabies... Are taken away.Quote2

Alfredo singing his childhood song to Jordan.

Quote1I have no pity, some day I'll stay for good, but until that day know that you're my little man with a small surprise.Quote2

Alfredo to Jordan.

Quote1I'm not Mexican! I'm from Shtischtorchnia.Quote2

Alfredo to Aleks and Brett

Quote1Ooh tap dance little boy! Ooh with my feet!Quote2

Alfredo to himself.

Quote1What are you editing? Little man? I said what are you editing? Li-Little man? Heh Heh Heh!Quote2

Alfredo to Autumn.

Quote1It was that moment, I learned... what power he had. It was good power, strong power, electrical currents like force lightning.Quote2

Alfredo about Steven's narrations.

Quote1The water's not warm, and neither's your edit little boy. Go find a new home, before I make you party.Quote2

Alfredo to Autumn about her editing.

Quote1Hmm, the man... I always wanted, right in front of me, has disobeyed me.Quote2

Alfredo to James.

Quote1Fuck with me, I'll break your heart!Quote2

Alfredo to James.

Quote1Steve! It's me! Your master! I will take you over and out you into the gooooooods!Quote2

Alfredo to Steven.

Quote1I hit- I hit a black... man.Quote2

Alfredo to Steven.

Quote1Well, you are looking pretty thick fuck snack.Quote2

Alfredo to Jordan.


  • It is largely agreed upon that Alfredo is mainly voiced by Steven and James. There is a Reddit post tracking down all the Alfredo voice actors.
  • Alfredo calls Famous Actor James Allen McCune "Famous Doctor Mickey Mouse", Cib "Chancellor", James "Forty Two Nights", Steven "Champion" and Autumn "The Little Granger Stranger".
  • Steven said in "Living in privilege." that Alfredo recognizes people from their heat signatures, and that is why he does not like Parker. In the same episode, Steve tells him that if Parker ever tries to get in without a key, Alfredo needs to "use his power". It is unclear what that power is.
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