Andrew "SigilsPlaysGames" is a YouTuber and a recurring character in the Alternative Lifestyle series of videos. From his first introduction all the way until "This is why we need a security guard..." Andrew's name was "Unknown" (in the Alternative Lifestyle universe). Not much is known about his character, except that he is supposedly immortal.


His first appearance was in the video "Sugar Pine 7", where the group spend time away in a cabin together. Andrew was shown thinking that them going away was to treat him for his birthday. This prompts Steven to laugh in post and say he has no idea who he is.

His character is often seen in much distress, such as the "Trouble in Paradise" episode where he is literally murdered by Steven, coming back to life, and being murdered again by Cib's vape. He has died and come back to life four-five times at this point, including episodes "Trouble in paradise" and "Teambuilding Exercise: Fighting".

In "This is why we need a security guard" Andrew claims there was an event in 1972 that has caused him to be on the run ever since in witness protection. He is then attacked when Alfredo says his name in public. The man (supposedly Italian) claims that Andrew got 350 kills and was the only one to get away and points his gun at him. Then Andrew disarms and kills him, and he is revealed to be Andrew Dickbagel "Lover, fighter, really nice boy... With a dark past."

In the episode "Eye for an Eye", Andrew is seen seemingly incredibly lost after discovering that his only friend, Parker, was killed by Cib. He is shocked to then discover that Parker is in fact, alive. However this news doesn't sit right with Andrew, leading him to proclaim that "The dead should stay dead". Later in the episode we see both Andrew and Parker returning to their house. Andrew immediately retrieves a gun hidden under his bed. He approaches Parker, stating "You're not Parker" and putting a bullet in his supposed friend's head.

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