Anti-Social was a web-series created and written by Steven Suptic. It was a mini-series that was the base of "Alternative Lifestyle", which premiered one month after the first Anti-Social episode.

Anti-Social premiered on January 8. 2017, with the recurring characters of Parker, Jordan, Cib and James. Anti-Social was a web-series that poked fun at social experiments uploaded on YouTube, trying to take its own twist on it by adding comedy sketch features into each of the episodes.


1 | 1
"Anti-Social Episode 1" January 8, 2017
Steven and his friend Parker go out on the streets and see how hot people think they are.
2 | 2
"Anti-Social Episode 2" January 22, 2017
Steven and Parker go out on the streets once again to find Gold Diggers.
3 | 4
"Anti-Social Episode 3" March 8, 2017
Steven goes out to the mall and acts as a homeless person.


1 | 3
"Anti-Social Short" March 3, 2017
Steven and Cib give Parker a surprise gift after his dog died.


  • It was confirmed in the comments that the Anti-Social series was inspired by Nathan for You.
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