Autumn "Rufhaus" Farrell is an editor for Sugar Pine 7. She was one of the first people hired by Steven.


Autumn was born in Phoenix, Arizona but moved to many different places during her childhood. On the "Beyond the Pine" podcast she described how she was mostly raised in rural parts of Mexico, mainly in a rain forest, because her mother was involved in many non-profits.

Autumn worked at SourceFed as an editor along with Steven and James (Steven was a host while James was a studio technician.) After SourceFed's cancellation she worked for Group Nine Media as an editor for a short period of time before getting hired by Steven in early 2017 to edit the Sugar Pine 7 videos. She edited the videos in her house but later started editing them in the SP7 office. Autumn was also a part of and a contributor to Sugar Pine 7's RTX and Rooster Teeth visit, where she spent her time editing throughout panels and shows.

Around the start of November 2017, Autumn revealed that she's currently dating Bruce Greene from Funhaus who occasionally appears in Sugar Pine 7 videos.

In late January of 2019, Autumn announced on her social media that she will no longer be working with Sugar Pine 7 but with other Roosterteeth projects.


  • She is a self proclaimed fan of Rooster Teeth, so when they became part of the Lets Play family she posted about how she was very excited and glad to be a part of the team.
  • Autumn tattooed Alfredo's name on her butt cheek as an advertisement for The Streamys, which they won the "Show of the Year" award.
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