Boys Only Club is a podcast hosted by Steven Suptic and Reina Scully. The podcast was started by them to keep making content together after their previous project, Super Panic Frenzy was canceled. The podcast is released on the Boys Only Club YouTube channel every Sunday at 8 AM. They talk about stories and news from the past week, as well as answer questions submitted through Twitter (with hashtag #boysonlyclub or #boysonlyart) or Snapchat.

It was confirmed that the Boys Only Club channel and show is underneath Rooster Teeth. The first episode is on Steven's channel, the second episode is on Reina's channel, and all others are on the Boys Only Club channel run by both Reina and Steven.

Although the podcast hasn't been officially canceled, the most recent YouTube and SoundCloud episode (48) was released May 13, 2018[1] and the most recent podcast was recorded live at RTX on August 5, 2018.[2]



  • Lyle McDouchebag
  • Maude Garrett


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