Bruce Greene is a character in the Sugar Pine 7 series of videos and a member of Funhaus. He is currently dating Autumn.


In Season 1, Bruce was largely seen with the other members of Funhaus when Steven visited them and was hired as 'Part-time part-time'. When Steven lost 'We bought A Zoo Starring Matthew Damon' it was revealed that Bruce had given it away. When James DeAngelis comes to their office, Bruce mentions that he dislikes him but then immediately offers to hire him. He later participated in their volleyball match which Funhaus won.

During Season 2, Funhaus tried to hire Sugar Pine 7's editor Autumn who is a big fan of theirs and although Alfredo tried to stop her by impersonating Bruce, she declined their offer anyway. He also plays Overwatch with Steven against the Game Grumps but they lose. More recently he has appeared alongside Autumn as her boyfriend such as at Cib's engagement party. In the Season finale, Bruce and Autumn couldn't make the Christmas party due to being at a concert but they record a message for the others to see.

Bruce was referenced by Steven in the first episode of Season 3 to which a child responded 'Fuck Bruce Greene'. He then helps Sugar Pine 7 to move in with them and carries a couch by himself which ends up with him showing most of his ass.

Bruce is now the boss of the boys and also he is old

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