Clayton "Cib" James, born April 18, 1995, is a musician, actor, editor and co-owner of Sugar Pine 7, along with Steven Suptic and James DeAngelis. He signed his main YouTube channel in the Rooster Teeth contract with Sugar Pine 7.


Cib was born in Ottawa Canada, and without having a visa, he has to return to Canada every so often to stay in the USA. Before coming onto the channel, he was a Minecraft YouTuber under the alias CIBseption. He now makes music, mainly with his guitar and videos on his YouTube channel, which was renamed to simply Cib.

He has been shown to have a few pets, the most well known being his now deceased pet fish named Turtle. Turtle was a goldfish the appeared in several of the Alternative Lifestyle videos, including "Goodbye, sweet friend." where Cib says his final goodbye to the dead fish by holding a funeral and tossing him off of a bridge. Turtle was also cared for by Gizzy Gazza and his flatmate Shelby. His final resting place is now above the LA river.

Cib is in a relationship with Sami Jo, on December 1, 2017, Cib and Sami Jo announced that they got engaged on both of their Instagram pages.[1][2] And on Valentine's Day, 2018, Cib and Sami Jo announced that they got married. This was also announced on their Twitter & Instagram.[3][4]


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  • Cib is doing a series at the moment called “Car Boyz” with Steven, being a Co-host there have been many guests on the show including; Gizzy14Gazza, BigMacNation, Garrett. Cib now focuses on short skits, in a much different format to Steven Suptic's. It focuses on improv and it doesn't have narration.
  • Cib is also known for his covers on his music channel (Clayton James). Most of his covers also involve him accompanying with his guitar. One of his better known covers is a parody of PAINTS, ‘After Ever After’, titled ‘During Ever After.’
  • Cib edits the Beyond the Pine podcast episodes.
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