Jeremy Sauder is a photographer and editor. He is a recurring character in the Alternative Lifestyle series of videos. He is often seen alongside Parker and Andrew and was mainly an antagonist in the second season.


Jeremy is a recurring character in Alternative Lifestyle. Unlike his childlike counterparts, he is very secretive and hidden. It is implied that he either kills or kidnaps people, as in many of the episodes, he can be seen wielding black leather gloves, black sunglasses, and a shovel. Contrasting the theme that his character is a criminal and a serial killer, he has committed the least amount of on-screen crimes.

Jeremy took a more antagonistic role in Season 2, where after discovering that Cib killed Parker, he refused to help them dispose of Parkers body and even threatened to report the Sugar Pine 7 boys to the police. This led to a multiple episode arc that finished in the video "No More Jeremy" in which Steven, Cib James and Devin break into Jeremy's house to rid of him forever. They kidnap him while he's sleeping and proceed to tie him up for interrogation. During this interrogation it is revealed that Parker was created by Jeremy in a lab and that a lot of money went to waste when Cib killed him.


  • On the first episode of the "Beyond the Pine" podcast, it was announced that Jeremy was taken in by Disney to edit Parker Plays, Parker's new show on Disney XD.
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