Parker Coppins is an actor and YouTube content creator. He is good friends with Steven and makes gaming videos on his channel, he also has his own TV show.


Parker Andrew Coppins joined YouTube in 2013 as the host for the official Mineplex Minecraft server channel under the name as "MineplexOfficial". Later the channel was changed to "ParkerGames" where he now plays video games other than Minecraft, but still mostly Minecraft. He moved to LA in 2015.

Parker is also an actor, he has starred in a few movies such as "Born Bad" (2011), "Penny Arcade" (2013) and more. Parker's love for acting followed him through middle and high school, as he said in his draw my life.

Before Alternative Lifestyle began, Parker would join Steven on his channel for his series "Anti-Social", in which Steven went around Los Angeles performing social experiments. Parker currently has a show on DisneyXD called "Parker Plays".

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