Quote1I just had to talk to him! He listens! Unlike you!Quote2

Sami Jo to Cib about Parker.

Sami Jo is a recurring character in the Sugar Pine 7 series of videos. She was first introduced in "The annual bi-weekly Sugar Pine 7 sleepover." as Cib's Tinder date. Alfredo says she drives a "Nissan Groll."

Sami Jo started dating Cib in real life as a result of the show and on December 1, 2017 announced their engagement on instagram .

2 months later, on Valentine's Day, they announced on Instagram & Twitter, that they had gotten married.


Cib had a relationship with Sami Jo, as they matched on Tinder. Their first date was in "The annual bi-weekly Sugar Pine 7 sleepover." and they continued to date through the end of season one, going on many dates together. However, in "This is why you shouldn't fall in love." Parker admits to being in love with Sami Jo. Cib is angered by this, and he ends their friendship in "The last goodbye.". Because of this, Parker was considered no longer part of Sugar Pine 7, and Steven stuck with his best friend Cib.

Afterwards in "So...what do we do now?" Cib and Sami Jo get into a fight. This causes her to run off. Alfredo follows, and captured footage of her going to Parker's house and her hugging him and going inside. He shows the footage to Steven and they believed they were having an affair behind Cib's back. Steven tells Cib, and he goes out to a bar angry. The next we see him is when he's drunk near Santa Monica pier confronting Sami Jo. He's ignoring what she's saying, and she says that he wasn't listening to her and that he would understand when he was sober. Parker was a good listener and they just talked. Cib doesn't believer her and runs off, getting in his car while he's drunk and driving to Parker's house. Steven and James learn of more footage that shows that Parker and Sami Jo in fact just talked and did not have an affair, but Cib doesn't listen and tell's them that he's going to "end this".

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