Season One of Alternative Lifestyle began on March 21, 2017 on the Sugar Pine 7 YouTube channel, previously branded as "Steven Suptic".

It concluded on July 28, 2017 with the season finale, "Akrasia".

Although there are videos that predate the beginning of the official season one playlist, the official first episode of the Alternative Lifestyle series is "Sourcefed Is Cancelled."

In "Beyond the Pine" episode one, Steven, Cib, James, and Parker agree that although "Sourcefed Is Cancelled." began the Alternative Lifestyle series, "Sugar Pine 7" was the first official beginning of Sugar Pine 7. This video documents the four of the five main cast members, (Steven, Cib, James, Parker) with recurring cast members Jeremy and Andrew on their camping trip in Idyllwild.


After Steve loses his job at SourceFed, he begins documenting his life in Los Angeles with his eccentric friends Cib, James, and Parker.

Most of season one focuses on nonsensical adventures that the cast partakes in. The boys find an office space. They hire a full-time editor, Autumn. However, the real story begins developing when Cib's girlfriend, Sami Jo, is introduced in episode 56, "The annual bi-weekly Sugar Pine 7 sleepover."


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This Is What a Vacation in Iceland Is Like.
Minus a few unique details.
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2 Here's what it's like to work at SourceFed...
A tour of the SourceFed office, the people in it and what it's like to work for them.
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It's not that big of a deal though.


1 | 1
4 SourceFed is Cancelled
"Sourcefed Is Cancelled." March 21, 2017
Season one premiere. Sourcefed is canceled, and Steve doesn't know what to do next.
2 | 2
5 Why I Think Sourcefed Ended
Steve meets up with Cib and talks about why SourceFed was cancelled.
3 | 3
6 Here's what it's like to be an unemployed Youtuber.
Steve gets Cib to help him round up his equipment. Steve and Cib street-race.
4 | 4
7 This is What I Do When I'm Hungover
Steve gets a new bike and goes to a party with Cib and Parker.
5 | 5
8 Why I Was Really Audited
"Why I was really audited." March 27, 2017
Cib breaks Steve's bike. Cib learns the truth of Steve's audit.
6 | 6
9 I become a skater boy.
"I become a skater boy." March 29, 2017
The boys, along with special guest Jordan Maron, go to a skate park.
7 | 7
10 How we make these vlogs.
Steve goes to the Machinima offices to 'fork' them. Steve gets his bike back from the repair shop. Business meeting.
8 | 8
11 It's about the journey.
"It's about the journey." March 31, 2017
Steve and James visit all of the locations from La La Land. But Smosh already did it.
9 | 9
12 Sourcefed's April Fool's prank
Steve reunites with Candace, Ava, and Mike.
10 | 10
I'm tired of good times
"I'm tired of good times." April 2, 2017
Steve, Cib, Parker, James, and Jeremy take a hike through the desert.
11 | 11
Visiting Funhaus
"Visiting Funhaus" April 4, 2017
Steve visits Funhaus and goes to a birthday party for a dog.
12 | 12
One man's trash
"One man's trash..." April 5, 2017
Steve and Cib go to the junkyard to get a new transmission for Cib's car.
13 | 13
Fired from Funhaus
"Fired from Funhaus." April 6, 2017
Steve searches for his copy of 'We Bought a Zoo' among the Funhaus office.Parker still hasn't shipped out the posters.
14 | 14
Goodbye, sweet friend
"Goodbye, sweet friend." April 7, 2017
Cib says goodbye to his pet fish, Turtle.
15 | 15
Reina Scully's guide to Little Tokyo
Reina takes Steve on a tour of Little Tokyo.
16 | 16
Sugar Pine 7
"Sugar Pine 7" April 10, 2017
The first official Sugar Pine 7 video. The boys take a trip to Idyllwild. Parker and Steve visit a psychic.
17 | 17
The future of this channel
Parker still hasn't shipped out the posters. Steve has a business meeting with Machinima.
18 | 18
Neighborhood Watch
"Neighborhood Watch." April 12, 2017
Someone's been a bad boy in the neighborhood and the Sugar Pine 7 boys are here to save the day.
19 | 19
Part-time 'part-time' at Funhaus
Steve finds his lost copy of "We Bought a Zoo". Steve has a business meeting with Parker.
20 | 20
Sourcefed. Where are they now
Steve catches up with his fellow ex-SourceFed employees.
21 | 21
Taco Trip 2017
"Taco Trip 2017" April 15, 2017
Steve, James, Parker, and Cib try out tacos all around Los Angeles to try to find the best of the best.
22 | 22
Just say yes
"Just say "yes"" April 17, 2017
Everyone goes to Parker's half birthday party. Cib helps Steve get over his fear of public speaking.
23 | 23
Things are changing
"Things are changing..." April 18, 2017
Steve takes everyone to his special beach hideout.
24 | 24
The search for a new office
Steve and Parker get stood up by Luis from Rooster Teeth. Steve, Cib, and James look for an office.
25 | 25
Ghost Hunters
"Ghost Hunters" April 22, 2017
The boys go hunting for some ghosts.
26 | 26
Burned out
"Burned out." April 24, 2017
Steve finally gets the money for the posters. Steve and Alyssa go on a date.
27 | 27
Patience is the worst virtue
"Patience is the worst virtue." April 25, 2017
Steve and Cib look at cars, when Cib learns some bad news.
28 | 28
Visiting Cowchop
"Visiting Cowchop" April 26, 2017
Steve visits the CowChop office.
27 | 27
The only thing to fear
"The only thing to fear..." April 28, 2017
Cib extracts the demon from within Parker.
28 | 28
We don't always get along
"We don't always get along..." April 29, 2017
The search for the Sugar Pine 7 office continues. Steve sets Cib up on a date with iJustine.
29 | 29
Sourcefed meets my friends
"Sourcefed meets my friends." April 30, 2017
Steve introduces Cib to some of the SourceFed hosts.
30 | 30
Trouble in paradise
"Trouble in paradise." May 3, 2017
Cib looks for a new apartment. The boys promote peas.
31 | 31
Here's why I'm a diva
"Here's why I'm a diva." May 4, 2017
Steve makes a commercial with Machinima.
32 | 32
Now This is what I call...bad
"Now This is what I call...bad." May 5, 2017
Steve helps Parker improve his fashion. Cib and James go to the gun range.
33 | 33
"Sorry, Funhaus" May 6, 2017
Steve and James visit the Funhaus office.
34 | 34
Fake Friends
"Fake Friends" May 9, 2017
Much to the boys' surprise, Parker becomes cool.
35 | 35
Where are they now. Again
"Sourcefed: Where are they now? Again." May 10, 2017
Steve catches up with Sam from Sourcefed. Cib fixes Steve's toilet.
36 | 36
Boys will be boys
"Boys will be boys." May 12, 2017
Steve and Cib convince James to take them on a journey to make an "illegal" dropoff.
37 | 37
Here's some bad news
"Here's some bad news..." May 14, 2017
Steve and Cib go fishing.
38 | 38
Okay, now here's some good news
"Okay, now here's some good news." May 15, 2017
Steve visits Cib's new place, and end up helping him move in. Steve then goes to Parker's to spy on him.
39 | 39
Please excuse my privilege
"Please excuse my privilege." May 17, 2017
The boys retrieve James' gun.
40 | 40
Rooster teeth eats world
"Rooster Teeth Eats World" May 18, 2017
Cib begins to grow a moustache. The boys meet with Rooster Teeth to talk business.
41 | 41
Charity technical support
"Charity technical support for the elderly." May 20, 2017
Steve is late to a group meeting. Steve then helps Brett, Jeremy, and Joel with some technical problems with their podcast setup.
42 | 42
Taking a break from my friends
"I'm taking a break from my friends..." May 22, 2017
Cib needs a new headband. Steve goes to the dog park.
43 | 43
Replacing Cib
"Replacing Cib" May 24, 2017
With Cib's visa running out, Steve searches for his replacement. Steve and James draft an internship program.
44 | 44
Funhaus volleyball the real story
"Funhaus. Volleyball. The real story..." May 26, 2017
The Sugar Pine 7 boys compete against the Funhaus crew in a painstaking volleyball match.
45 | 45
Waxing cib
"Waxing Cib: Good or bad choice? You decide." May 28, 2017
In the hopes of getting Cib to shave his moustache, Steve and James waxed Cib's body hair. The boys sign a contract for Sugar Pine 7.
46 | 46
We're actually screwed
"We're actually screwed." May 30, 2017
Steve is feeling the pressure of owning a company.
47 | 47
Band Practise
"Band practice." May 31, 2017
The band (with special guest Aleks from CowChop) continues rehearsing for their upcoming live show. James searches for his own musical talent.
48 | 48
Heaven is a place
"Heaven is a place called: Anywhere Parker isn't." 1 June 2017
Steve and Cib go on a drive. Parker shows up at Steve's for a sleepover that was rescheduled without him knowing. Instead of sending him back home, Steve has Parker edit a video.
49 | 49
Our Internship Program
"Our Internship Program." June 2, 2017
An FBI agent meets with Steve, Cib, and James to discuss their internship program, 'Handjobs for Kids'.
50 | 50
Friday 13th
"Friday the 13th." June 4, 2017
The boys get a free PS4.
51 | 51
Team Building Exercise Fighting
"Teambuilding Exercise: Fighting" June 5, 2017
The boys train Parker in their respective fighting styles, only to find out that he may be getting too powerful.
52 | 52
The worst idea i've had yet
"The worst idea I've had yet..." June 7, 2017
Steve and Cib discover James practising for the live show at Boys Park. The boys then take pictures with super cars in an attempt to get a sponsorship from the super car companies.
53 | 53
Its our money and we want it now
"It's our money and we want it now." June 8, 2017
Cib is sick. Steve is in search for more funding for the company and seeks out Geoff Ramsey who gives them a budget for an office.
54 | 54
Business vs Friendship
"Business vs. Friendship" June 10, 2017
Steve visits Cib to get his SD card back, Parker to get the money from the merchandise sales, and James to visit his new golden retriever puppy.
55 | 55
I hired autumn here's why
"I hired Autumn, and here's why." June 11, 2017
Steve interviews Autumn for a job as an editor.
56 | 56
The bi-annual weekly sugar pine 7 sleepover
"The annual bi-weekly Sugar Pine 7 sleepover." June 13, 2017
The boys host their annual bi-weekly sleepover, Cib invites his Tinder date, Sami Jo, and the demon known as 'Bloody Nose' is summoned.
57 | 57
Alcohol changes you
"Alcohol changes you." 14 June 2017
Cib takes Steve to E3, where Cib ends up getting drunk. James takes Parker hiking to further train Parker.
58 | 58
Cib meets his replacement
"Cib meets his replacement..." June 17, 2017
Steve meets with Vincent Cyr to talk about bringing him onto the team, but Cib thinks Cyr will be his replacement.
59 | 59
I hate my dad thumb
"I hate my dad and so should you." June 18, 2017
The Sugar Pine 7 boys spend time with their dads on Father's Day. Steve learns some disturbing information about his family.
60 | 60
Message to IGN
"Our message to IGN." June 20, 2017
Upon discovering that IGN made a video blatantly copying Steve's alternative lifestyle video style, Steve puts together a response with the help of Cib.
61 | 61
Love is all you need
"Love is all you need." June 21, 2017
Cib tells Sami Jo that he owns Parker's place, and thus has everyone clean the house for her arrival. With Steve astonished that Sami Jo is so compatible with Cib, he talks to the rest of the boys about their relationship.
62 | 62
The live show
"The Sugar Pine 7 Live Show." June 22, 2017
The Sugar Pine 7 boys start to perform the long anticipated live show, when James shows up and challenges them to a Battle of the Bands.
63 | 63
World largest pizza challenge
"World's biggest pizza challenge." June 24, 2017
The boys participate in the World's Biggest Pizza Challenge.
64 | 64
Welcome to our office
"Welcome to our office." June 26, 2017
With the Sugar Pine 7 office secured, Steve and Cib go furniture shopping.
65 | 65
Day one
"Day one." June 27, 2017
Rooster Teeth send Farid to mediate the boys. Steve, Cib, and James design potential logos. Steve and Cib go to a Sourcefed meet and greet.
66 | 66
Why we dont upload everyday
"Here's why we don't upload everyday..." June 30, 2017
Steve and Cib take the metro to work. Steve finds a satanic note in the office.
67 | 67
I'll see you in court
"I'll see you in court." July 2, 2017
Steve questions Autumn's motives after finding a questionable picture of her on reddit. In order to be more prepared for sports challenges, Steve and the boys undergo basketball training.
68 | 68
Living in privilege
"Living in Privilege" July 4, 2017
Steve makes Parker do some work around the office while he edits in advance of RTX. Cib and James explore the neighborhood.
69 | 69
Why we need a security guard
"This is why we need a security guard..." July 5, 2017
After Andrew is involved in an altercation, Steve decides in order to protect himself he needs a security guard.
70 | 70
Teaching autumn some manners
"Teaching Autumn some manners." July 6, 2017
Considering that Sugar Pine 7 is joining Rooster Teeth, the office feel as though Autumn should learn some manners.
71 | 71
The third wheel
"The third wheel." July 7, 2017
Cib asks James to film his date with Sami Jo, only to have Parker come and third wheel. Meanwhile, Human Resources representative inspects the office.
72 | 72
"Here's what RTX is like..." July 11, 2017
The boys and Autumn go to RTX 2017.
73 | 73
Good bad bully
"The good, the bad & the bully." July 13, 2017
James' newfound fame has gone to his head. Surveillance cameras are found in the office.
74 | 74
Day in the life of alfredo
"A day in the life of Alfredo." July 14, 2017
A look into Alfredo's daily life.
75 | 75
Truth about parker
"The Truth About Parker" July 17, 2017
Parker confides in Steve about his feelings for Sami Jo.
76 | 76
Fired from roosterteeth
"Fired from Rooster Teeth" July 21, 2017
After the secret cameras were found, Steve is under the impression they are being fired from Rooster Teeth.
77 | 77
Why you shouldnt fall in love
"This is why you shouldn't fall in love." July 23, 2017
Parker confides in Steve further about his feelings for Sami Jo. James teaches Cib wrong information.
78 | 78
The last goodbye
"The last goodbye." July 24, 2017
Parker talks to Cib about his feelings for Sami Jo.
79 | 79
So what do we do now
"So...what do we do now?" July 26, 2017
With Parker out of the picture, Cib is free to be himself again. Autumn, on the other hand, needs to change.
80 | 80
"Akrasia" July 29, 2017
Chapter One finale. James and Steve try to restore Autumn's hearing. Cib and Sami Jo have relationship troubles, and Cib confronts Parker.
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