Steven Suptic, born February 2, 1993[1], is a YouTube content creator and founder of Sugar Pine 7. He started off as a Minecraft YouTuber, co-hosted the gaming channel SuperPanicFrenzy with Reina Scully, and was a host on SourceFed up until it was cancelled.


Steven began his YouTube career making Halo videos with his friend Vince Demase. He later started to make Minecraft videos under the alias 'mlgHwnT'. Him and Vince began a Minecraft let's play series entitled "Wild Adventures", which ended up becoming a fully animated series.

Steven formed a gaming group called "Bananarine Republic", consisting of himself, Vince, Tim Goulette, and Jeffrey Filmman. The four went on to collaborate in many projects, including the podcast "Double Jump Podcast". Steven made many Minecraft animations for Machinima and his own channel.

Following Bananarine, Steven moved to Wisconsin to join a project called BAHMLounge. BAHMLounge was a skit channel consisting of himself, AviatorGaming, BigMacHD, and Burtgasm. They all lived together until Steven moved out to pursue different things.

Steve moved to California for a project known as Super Panic Frenzy with longtime friend, Reina Scully. Soon after the cancellation of Super Panic Frenzy, Steven got a regular job at Sourcefed. At SourceFed, he met Alyssa Terry, his current fianceé, James DeAngelis and Autumn Farrell, two of the main cast in Alternative Lifestyle.

Following the cancellation of SourceFed, Steven began collaborating with longtime best friend Cib and they began making the alternative lifestyle videos. Soon, they brought on James as a full-time camera man, and Parker as part of the main cast as well.

Currently, Steven runs the Sugar Pine 7 company and the Sugar Pine 7 channel. He appears in every SP7 video, whether it be physically or with merely his verbal narrative. He is still living in L.A. with his fianceé, Alyssa, and their two dogs, Winnie and Littlefoot.


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